Monday, October 12, 2009

College- Ways to Eat Healthier. Keep off the Freshmen 15!

Funny College story-
Some believe the Freshmen 15 is an urban legend, a myth while in fact it’s a real thing. When I was a freshmen in college I went to an all girls school in Virginia. I only stayed for a year but the year really made an impact on my life. Saturday morning I would wake up at the usual 11 am and make my way down to the cafeteria, getting the last of the breakfast buffet. As I would sleepily stroll into the cafeteria, I would see walls of waffles, bagels and delicious morning desserts lining the walls. Though I didn’t know there was also tons of fruit, whole grain cereals, wheat toasts and yoghurt. Yes, I was not always the healthy person that I am today. I completely indulged on the waffles and donuts and everything else sweet, and fattening. Unfortunately I gained the freshmen 15 and then some. I have learned from experience that the freshmen 15 is no lie, but with proper eating you can avoid the extra weight.
1. Eat breakfast daily, even if it means having a protein shake.
2. Eat white proteins (fish, chicken, lean pork)
3. Don’t eat after dinner
4. Eat whole foods- Apples, whole grain breads, broccoli, chicken breasts
5. Have only healthy snacks (refer to my blog) in your dorm room so that if you must eat you know what you are eating is healthy
6. Go to sleep at a regular time
7. Sleep at least 8-9 hours
8. Learn how to maneuver the grocery store, and stay away from the frozen food isle
9. Make a play list that is 30 minutes and walk from the start to the finish
10. .Have one day a week where you splurge on fattening foods.

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