Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ingredient of the Day: Mint

I talk a lot about my life as a child. I think it is because there is something so wonderful about childhood memories. They have a dreamlike quality. One dreamy day I keep remembering centers on the mint, or Mentha, herb. When I was a child I would go over to my grandmother’s garden and run through what seemed to be a field of mint that was as tall as me. My vivid memory in this place? Running my fingers over top of the mint to release the sweet smell.

I think if I had to describe myself as an ingredient I would choose mint. Why you ask? Because mint is strong and unforgettable. Mint has a lot of other wonderful properties to boot. It has an aromatic flavor with a cool aftertaste, is great in a variety of dishes, and can even aid in digestion.

One of the things I recently discovered about mint is that if you drink a cup of mint tea it will help cleanse your system and curb your cravings. To store until use, keep your mint in a little cold water in the refrigerator. But don’t wait too long to enjoy it. Mint is best when used fresh.

Happy Cooking!