Monday, October 1, 2007

Waterfront Dinning.

You won't find this in LA unfortunately. Off the beaten path not far from the highway 1 in the woods is a restaurant where you can dine on the river. Literally IN the river.

As we stepped down a few stairs we peered on to this trickling stream of a river, and there amongst nature was enough seating for about 45-50. The restaurant was in sight up on the hill.

Some chairs deeper in the river than others, some chairs big enough for two, and some chairs isolated so that you can take a breath.

We weren't quite willing to roll up our pants so we stayed close to the edges. But for a moment the world disappeared. We realized there was nothing fancy, nothing ornate, just simplicity at its best. We wanted nothing more.

While we are in the hustle and bustle of LA we can take a moment and remember that not everyone moves at lightning speed, and that is better to just sit and take it all in.

River Edge
Highway One at Pheneger Creek
Big Sur, CA 93920
(direct) 831.667.2700
(toll free) 800.548.3610
(fax) 831.667.2743

Happy Cooking.

Viagra with out a prescription!

We all need a little help, don't we?

I was in a little tiny family owned seafood shop that I love. It was a beautiful fall day. I arrived to this cozy shop, and through the window I notice a clever sign on the Oysters. VIAGRA IN A SHELL!

This is why you love small family run stores. You would never see a sign like this at albertsons or ralphs.

It is a priceless moment. I laughed, the owner saw me, and I said "why don't you hold it up, I'll take your picture with it" He merely laughed at his grand old age of around 58 and said, "oyster's, I don't need oysters, and I don't want anyone else to think I do either!"

Happy Cooking, Enjoy Viagra the natural way!

FISH...The TEST!!!

Did you know that I was the head chef of a restaurant that I helped open in LA? Well I was.

I would have job interviews for a line cook. It was amazing to see how many people could not cook but say they could.

The test... to cook one piece of salmon.

The Trick.. I would give them a choice of 3 different types of saute pans (old, nonstick, and regular) , and 3 different types of kitchen tools (plastic spatula, fish spatula, and tongs) they would also have the option to use...salt, pepper, and oil.
All of these things were there to create the perfectly cooked and seasoned piece of fish.

I was always amazed to see what they came up with.

The fish never looked, or tasted the way I wanted, and most times it looked and tasted awful.

Just remember if you are cooking fish better be safe than sorry. Always cook with non-stick, and when you are using such an expensive pan use the plastic utensils. Everybody wins!

Happy cooking,

Cooking and Painting...Ken Auster

There is this amazing artist that captures the Kitchen to a "T". He paints chefs, and restaurants in their moments. A few years ago the paintings were around $800, and at that point I thought oh that is more than I have. Today they are going for around $1900. I am in love with them. His colors, techniques, and subjects are perfect. I suggest that you check him and his work out. His name is Ken Auster.

Happy Hunting, and Cooking!