Friday, September 11, 2009

Ask Mary: More About Soaking Chicken In Buttermilk

Dear Mary,

I love the tip about soaking chicken in Buttermilk but I want to know more. Why do I soak it in buttermilk? Can I grill chicken that has been soaked in buttermilk?

And how long should I soak it?



Dear Karen,

It is a great idea to soak chicken for a couple of hours to really get it to tenderize the meat. Using its acidic qualities, buttermilk tenderizes the meat the same way a marinade does. I have never tried grilling chicken that has been soaked in buttermilk but I have grilled chicken that has been soaked in sour cream and it came out beautifully. When I soak chicken in buttermilk it is usually before chicken parmesan, breaded chicken tenders, and even chicken marsala.

I usually get ice cold buttermilk, fill it up in a bag and throw de-fatted chicken in, and make sure that it is completely covered.

Have a Great Weekend,


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