Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ask Mary: Butter or Margarine?

Dear Mary,
Which is better in cooking? Butter? Or margarine?
Thanks, Jack

I’m so glad that you asked! I recently visited my girlfriend’s house and reached for the butter while cooking, but realized that she had some tasteless margarine for me to use instead. I understand that most of you like spreadable fats, but in cooking, this type of product is your biggest nightmare.

My suggestion? If you can’t live without it, buy a spread for your bread. But always, ALWAYS cook with butter. I like to use a good, non-salted butter like Land O Lakes or Plugra (if you really want to splurge). Always buy non-salted because there is no reason to add extra salt when you don’t need to. Trust me, you’ll taste a world of difference.

Happy Cooking! Mary