Monday, July 21, 2008

You are What You Eat

Monday lunch. I grab my lunch box, which was usually pink with some cartoon character on it, also wearing pink. I take it to the table in our very small classroom. The smell of lukewarm meats, fruits and treats lingers in the air. I reach into my lunch box and find mom’s culinary delight for the day. My typical mom meal consists of turkey with American cheese and mayonnaise on Wonder Bread, Pringles, a green apple, and a Caprisun – tropical flavor of course.

The more I think about my childhood lunches, the more I realize that what we used to eat as children can really describe who we are as adults. Sometimes, you can even break down who a person is by just one type of food.

A perfect example of this: My mom’s friend and her husband were given two pieces of art. She received a two-dimensional sculpture of a green apple, and her husband was given a two-dimensional sculpture of a red apple. The thought behind it was simple: she was a combination of sweet and sour, and her husband was simply sweet. What are you?

Happy Cooking!