Friday, October 16, 2009

What Types of Chickens do We Eat?

When I was on the farm with my dear friends at Pond Hill Farm they showed me around their chicken coup. Farmer Tim told me all about the different types of chickens. My video from Pond Hill Farm will be coming soon, and you can learn all about their amazing and educational farm.

When it comes to chickens, there are several different breeds used for different things. These breeds fall into one of three categories egg, meat, and the dual-purpose breed. Chickens such as the Ameraucana, Ancona, and Andalusian are used primarily for producing eggs. These breeds are known for being lightweight birds whose hens do not go broody.

While the Bresse, Cornish Game, and Ixworth are preferred for meat alone, though the commercial broiler market is currently monopolized by the Cornish-Rock (a hybrid of the Cornish and Plymouth Rock). Duel purpose chickens on the other hand are the generalist breeds used in barnyards the world over, good at producing both meat and eggs. Though some may be slightly better for one of these purposes, they are usually called dual-purpose breeds.

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