Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ingredient of the Day-Damsons

As a chef one of the truly rewarding thing is knowing about unique fruits and vegetable's. It is wonderful

not only to understand a foods qualities but also it is wonderful to be able to use them. Damsons are one of those fruits. You may not recognize the name but you probably would recognize the taste. Damsons are a type of plum.

Also known as the Damask Plum, this oval shaped fruit is believed to have been harvested since antiquity in what is now known. With its yellowish-green flesh and delicate skin that ranges from blue to violet. This intensely acidic fruit is best known for having a good source of Vitamin C and Fiber.

Damsons are great with duck confit in a curly endive salad with a honey sherry vinegar dressing. Too much work, try eating them plain. Either way you won't be disappointed.

Happy Cooking!


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