Friday, September 25, 2009

Ask Mary: 3 Ways to Make Salad Healthier

Dear Mary, I eat out a lot and have figured out that I like salads. Should I eat dressing on the salad, tossed in the salad, or on the side?

I like to eat my salads tossed in dressing rather than asking for it on the side. I use straight vinegar, lemon, or lime-juice in place of thick, mayonnaisey, and high caloried dressings.

Also if you want to make your salad even healthier here are some great alternatives to try out.

  1. Instead of having a salad with iceberg lettuce, choose a heartier green like spinach. It’s a bit more expensive but you are getting more bang for your buck, darker greens are packed with more vitamins and minerals.
  2. Switch out any fried meats that may be in your salad with baked or better yet grilled meats.
  3. Also for a nice crunch to your salad, omit the fatty bacon with sliced almonds. You'll get the same amount of protein with none of the guilt!

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