Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekly Menu!


Mixed Greens with goat cheese, figs and walnuts with a balsamic dressing
Roast chicken with green beans and brown rice

Kids: Chicken drumettes with green beans and brown rice (add a touch of soy sauce)


Mixed greens and romaine lettuce with tomatoes, sunflowers and blue cheese
Chicken enchiladas (use leftover chicken) with corn and black beans

Kids: Same (but top theirs with just cheese)


Romaine with blue cheese dressing, turkey bacon and tomatoes
Grilled Steak (you can do a tri tip or sirloin for a cheaper cut of meat) with mushrooms polenta and asparagus

Kids: Steak bites with ketchup and polenta (kids like it) with asparagus rounds (cut asparagus ends into circles)


Mixed greens with carrots, radish, beets and a mustard vinaigrette
Chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta and spinach

Kids: Chicken nuggets (just make the same chicken in smaller bites) with spinach (put parmesan with it)


Iceberg wedge with balsamic dressing and tomatoes
Chicken and Vegetable stir fry (or substitute meat)

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olivia said...

Hi Mary,
Nice to see your smile. I love the blog!