Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday: Ingredient of the Day- White Asparagus

It was such a dream to walk around Spain, France and Italy and see these amazing asparagus varieties. First of all, the size was uncanny. They can literally be a handful. The flavor is out of this world ¬– fresh, milky, a little less pungent than common varieties, and delicious. Whenever I go to Whole Foods looking for them they are never as big as the ones I found in Europe. And they never seem to have that pearly white skin.

My favorite variety of asparagus is called “White Gold.” Grown in Europe, these beautiful and expensive vegetables are worth every penny. To keep them white, they are grown with little light and increased exposure to ultra violet rays. Asparagus have so many healthful properties, but it’s the aphrodisiac properties that make me smile. One look and you’ll know what I mean!

Happy Cooking!

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