Thursday, September 13, 2007


When I was three I went to the markets in Oklahoma with my mom and my brother. It was such an amazing time. I was probably no more than two in my memories. As a little girl I remember the smell of roasting peauts. They smelled sweet and delicious. They would hand them to us in a brown paper bag, and when you would get them they would be hot, and salty. That first bite would be perfect, and of course it was perfect because I was no more than three. Anything at that point in your life is perfect, because you haven't experienced much of anything else.

While we were at the market I kept asking my mom for the Pennis meaning "the peanuts". My brother got so embaraced he kept correcting me. "Mary it is Not Pennis it is Peanuts"! Let's be serious I was three. I had no idea what l I was saying. But to my brother at the old age of four at the time it was utterly humiliating.

I took this girl at the market. It reminded me of being a child, and how every smell, taste and fell is double what it is as an adult. How those first few memories of taste, smell, and feel can impact your life exponentially.

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