Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chicken Doesn't Have to Be So Plain....

The end of summer is such a difficult time to cook. It is still very hot, but never the less you need to eat. The entire summer has been nothing but heirloom tomatoes, gazpacho, and grilled meats. You still want to feel like you are cooking with the season, and not advance to squashes, and fall mushrooms. So what do you cook?

One delicious meal that I prepared is a beautiful seared chicken breast with a corn, tomato, red onion salad, and grilled Raddichio. Searing chicken with the skin on is always tricky. The way to do it well is to rinse and dry the chicken, put oil in a pan and place the chicken in the pan. The skin will not shrink as much as it would if you put it directly into a piping hot pan. Then you leave it at medium heat so it doesn't burn the chicken, and just let is do it's thing. You will have really great results.

This dish is a perfect end of the summer treat.

Happy Cooking!
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Anonymous said...

Mary-LOVE the blog page, and this chicken looks divine. Want to make it soon...that and the crepes!