Monday, September 24, 2007

Ask Mary...Grocery Shopping.

Have you ever wondered what are the tricks of the trade for buying groceries at the market? After grocery shopping for some of the most paticular clients I have learned how you get the best products. It truly is a skill and you really do have to learn and practice it every time you grocery shop.

When Buying salad greens flip it over and check to see what it looks like on the bottom. If it looks as fresh on the bottom as it does on the top then it will be a good buy. Always check dates on everything that you buy. Typically things that the grocery store wants to move will be in the front, these items are ok, but you will want to make sure you use them that day or the next. If you need something to last longer dig through and grab the one all the way in the back.

As far as proteins, ask the guy at the counter to give you the freshest and newest ones. They again are trying to move their product and will give you what they need to get rid of and not the best quality. You can also use these ideas for premade foods.

Grocery shopping takes time and a little bit of knowledge. With simple techniques you will have the best possible food in your fridge.

Happy shopping,

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