Friday, February 15, 2008

Ask Mary: Chicken Stock vs. Broth

What is the difference between chicken stock and chicken broth?
Thanks, Greg

I was teaching a tappas party the other night and this question came up while I was making paella and adding chicken broth. The basic difference between a stock and a broth lies in their properties. While chicken broth is made with chicken meat and parts with a high flesh to bone ratio (whole chickens, assorted parts), stock is made from chicken parts with a low flesh to bone ratio (backs, necks, breastbones). Reduction time for chicken broth takes about three hours. For stock, it takes about six hours.

Chicken stock contains more gelée (a jelly-like substance) than chicken broth, so, when used for deglazing a sauté pan, stock will more easily bind up the pan drippings into a pan sauce as it is reduced. But broth is usually lower in fat content and is excellent for adding tasty moisture to a dish (like paella). Take your pick!

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