Friday, February 22, 2008

Ask Mary: Chicken Ideas for the Whole Family

What are some ideas for cooking chicken for the whole family that even my kids can enjoy?
Thanks! Carey

A great way to fix chicken so that the whole family can enjoy dinner together is by making little adjustments to the chicken for your children. Make sure that whatever you are cooking for yourselves you just change a little for the kids. The key is to make everything more kid-friendly.

For instance, kids really love to use their hands when eating. I have found that by keeping wooden skewers in my drawer I can put almost anything on them. Chicken, beef, vegetables are all great things to use. If you cut up a breast into chunks or thin strips, you can put them on the skewers and give your kids dipping sauces. You might even try using the same marinade that you are having on your kids’ chicken. Presentation is a huge factor on whether or not your kids will eat it, so make it fun! You’ll be amazed at their positive reactions!

Happy Cooking!

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Mary, I love your blog and think you are amazing!