Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ingredient of the day: Shallot

Ode to the Shallot!

A relative of the onion, the shallot is basically a smaller onion with a sweeter, milder flavor. Unlike onions, which grow in a single bulb, shallots form in clusters in a manner similar to garlic.

What can you do with it you ask? Pretty much anything. You can dice it, slice it or roast it! Add it like you would add garlic to any of the same dishes for an extra layer of flavor. OR you even can actually use shallots as part of the dish – for example, in a dish like "Green Beans with Crunchy Shallots." Any way you cook them, they are a tasty treat.

Shallots are not uncommon, and can be bought in most grocery stores. If you are as concerned with prep time as I am, you might want to find a store like Whole Foods that has them available for purchase already peeled. Keep in mind, though, unpeeled shallots stay fresher longer.

Happy Cooking

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