Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ask Mary...How to get the lumps out of mashed potatoes?

Have you ever wondered why resaurants have perfect mashed potatoes and yours are lumpy and tasteless?

Well here is a little tip with the holidays approaching.

When buying your potatoes try Golden Potatoes (Yukons) instead of Russets. They have a smooth golden outside and much creamier inside. You can cook them like your regular mash potatoes. (for those of you who don't know. you can boil them after peeling them, but make sure you cut them into equal pieces, so they cook at the same rate) When they are finished, pour out the water and put them back onto the stove for a few more minutes. It will help cook out the water.

Next heat cream and butter, these liquids incorporate into the potatoes easier if they are hot.

While the liquids are heating mash the potatoes. You can use one of two tools to do this...1. A Ricer around $150, (I just bought one and I love it). There is a picture attached with this blog, and me actually using it. It turns the potato into rice looking form, that you can easily mash, and it gets rid of all lumps. I love that part. Or 2. Potato masher around $20. (spend a little extra and buy the one with a rubber handle, you will thank me later) This is cheaper than the ricer but you don't have near the same results.

As you are mashing the potatoes, add the butter and cream mixture (low fat milk for those of you who are watching the calories, and for those who want no calories try chicken stock, and for those who are vegetarian try vegetable stock). Make sure at this pint you are also loading in you salt, always add more than you think! Potatoes take a lot of salt.

Well I hope this helps you out in the future of holiday cooking!
Happy Cooking,

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