Thursday, September 6, 2007

Having Fun!

In life you have to relax and stop to smell what's cookin'!
These pictures are very fun and charisamatic, and almost whimsical.
In cooking you have to slow down and take baby steps, at first it will seem silly and you will feel ridiculous because you may not know what you are doing. But just keep trying. Soon you will accomplish simple things that will make you feel more in control.
When you have guests over for dinner, the more fun you have will allow them to have the most fun. They will feed off of your energy. (Remember this: if things are not going well, your guests will start feeling the same way.
So slow down, build your confidence slowly, and if you mess up, then it is no big deal and pour you and your guest another glass of wine and it will be a night to remember!
Happy Cooking, and if you have any questions you can always ask, I am here to help!

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