Saturday, September 29, 2007


I am on the road again. Back to my favorite place.

The Fall season is here! I am so tired of summer dishes. I am looking forward to the fall, where I can enjoy butternut squash soup, braised meats, wild mushrooms, rissottos and ohhhh so much more. Fall is truly my favorite season. The beginning of cold weather, halloween looming in the air, and the cusp of the holiday seasons.

On my trip I took a hike up to Big Sur. If you have never been I suggest that you take the time to go visit. It is simply spectacular, and especially in the fall. The leaves are actually turning in color, and for someone like me who is from the mid west it is a treat on the west coast. (however in Oklahoma we had three colors-light brown, dark brown and ups brown).

I have taken so many pictures of things along the way. I am very excited to upload them and share them all with you. I have taken pictures of paintings, signs, an outdoor restaurant with chairs that sit in the river, fresh seafood, and so much more.

I look forward to writing more, and I will also be posting recipes and Utube clips in the very near future!
Happy Cooking,

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